The new free app to assist in delivering life saving CPR.

PG CPR is a simple and easy to use CPR guidance and first aid app.

Clear, Simple & Easy To Use

Clear, simple and easy to use

The PG CPR app is designed to be simple and easy to use. Users are guided through the steps to administer potentially life saving CPR with clear text and audiovisual instructions.

The app features a CPR metronome to assist in compression timing and a growing list of videos in our learn section.

Step by step guidance

Our animated videos will guide you through the steps to perform CPR, with clear instructions delivered by a professional voice over artist.

In Memory Of Paul Gardner

North Shields 14/08/1994

My son Paul was an intelligent lovely, young lad with his whole future ahead of him. Paul worked as a dental technician and was planning to go to Australia to advance his career with his step brother Tom, my stepson.

Paul was on holiday with Tom and friends; when on the afternoon of his birthday, they jumped from the rocks into the sea. Whilst swimming back to the shore Paul got into difficulties and passed out due to fatigue, unfortunately out of the group Paul was the only one who knew CPR.

PGCPR has so far raised money to buy defibrillators for the North Shields area where Paul was born and raised and also the surrounding areas. They have already proved vital and saved lives. PGCPR has also raised money to develop our CPR app; which provides step by step guidance on administering CPR to infants, children and adults. Our aim is to visit schools in the local and surrounding areas, with a purpose of raising awareness and promoting the education of CPR skills.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; from fundraising and donations to ideas for the app. We would be also grateful for any promotion including retweets and sharing.

Myself and Paul’s stepdad Billy believe Paul would be extremely proud that his legacy will continue to save lives. Not only that but educate people in the importance of CPR, in the hope that another family does not have to endure the heart ache and pain that we as a family are going through.

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